Financial Literacy for Smarter Richer Living

Financial literacy can help you reach financial independence so you can get more satisfaction out of life.

Watching your piggy bank for savings, investing or fun money

Are you…

  • Caught in the two-income trap? 
  • Worried about securing your financial future? 
  • Feeling tired, stressed and stuck when it comes to money? 

Perhaps you have a solid household income, but

  • Can barely cover your expenses 
  • Are unhappy with your current job but need the money
  • Lack the know-how or motivation to manage money well 

I created SavvyCentz to help modern moms increase their money IQ through simple, but transformational money principles. My hope is that financial literacy will lead you to financial independence.

Whether you’re drowning in debt or rolling in the dough, financial literacy helps you make wiser money decisions, avoid major money pitfalls and role model good money habits to your children

Learning about money can put you on the path to financial independence, where your investment income is enough to cover your current lifestyle expenses so that you no longer need to work full-time. Who wouldn't want that? 

Money and life can’t be separated (unless you retreat to the Himalayas). Sure, money isn’t the most important thing in life, but it matters. Bottom line? Money gives you options.

Moms - Your Financial IQ is Important!

You have the opportunity for huge influence on household finances and your family’s financial future.

Working mothers can pass on financial wisdom to their kids

Consider the following research:

  1. The majority of mothers are working. Nearly 70% of mothers with children under 6 are in the workforce (Population Reference Bureau, US).
  2. Breadwinning moms are on the rise. Nearly 25% of married moms now out-earn their husbands compared with just 4% in the 1960s (Pew Research Survey, 2013). 
  3. Mothers have greater influence than fathers on teaching kids about money (National Foundation for Credit Counselling).

What is Financial Literacy?

Financial literacy is having enough knowledge about how to manage your money and using that information to make good money choices every day. Put simply, it’s financial IQ plus behavior:

Financial IQ is having enough understanding of financial products on the market (e.g.; retirement savings plans, mortgages, or various types of banking accounts, etc.).  

Behavior is how you spend, save and give.

Personal finances means learning to save dollars

Behavior is the Key to Success with Money

Change your behavior and you change your financial future! Often, money problems are a symptom of an unhealthy behavior. You need to get to the root of that behavior before you can fix your problems.

Top 5 Reasons to Improve your Financial Literacy

1. You'll reach financial independence earlier.

Ever dream of the day you can choose your work based on your level of passion for the work rather than your need for the money? Learning about money can gives you the means to do this and opens up a world of satisfying work options for you.

2. You’ll live more purposefully and have a better quality of life. 

Money is finite. Therefore, with a budget and a plan, you’ll decide what things in life are most important to you and worth spending your money on.

Call it financial pruning. By trimming the areas that are depleting your life’s reserves, you can redirect resources to what really matters, be it family, health, or a dream business. 

3. You and your spouse will have fewer arguments.

Disagreements over money are a common reason for divorce. Getting financially educated together with your spouse can be a great unifier in marriage. 

4. You’ll give your kids a head start.

Finance is a family affair and you reap what you sow. If you role model good money habits and take the time to teach your children about money, you’ll give them not only personal finance skills, but critical thinking and life skills to survive on their own once they become young adults. 

5. You can give because you have the money to do so!

Wouldn’t you love to give more? Instead of wishing you could help someone out, you’ll have the funds to be able to.

Invest in your Financial Education

Stick with me and you’ll find sound money advice giving you confidence and taking the stress out of your financial decisions. Find out how to:

Financial literacy helps you save, invest and make more money
  • Make household budgeting easy
  • Pay off debt
  • Find extra cash in your budget
  • Save for baby, college and retirement! 
  • Teach your kids to be money smart
  • Feel confident in your financial choices
  • Create a financial plan for your life
  • Create a family safety net 
  • Get the most out of what you've got
  • Understand investment choices
  • Boost your income
  • Give generously
  • Reach financial independence while you're still young

Money gives you financial independence and options to work if you choose and to choose your work. Financial literacy will help you create a plan to get there. Let’s get started!