About Me

Hello! My name is Yvette and I’m super passionate about financial literacy - or holistic personal finance, as I like to call it.

As a mom of 3 young kids, I’m very familiar with the financial challenges that young families face. My mission is to help moms understand simple but powerful money concepts so they can reach a level of financial independence where they have options in life to pursue what they love.

Perhaps you’re here because you’re pregnant and the financial reality of having a baby has you stressed. Or perhaps you already have a family, but are struggling to make ends meet because of the costs that come with kids’ activities, school, toys, food, etc. Or perhaps you’re the primary income-earner and/or decision-maker, but you don’t feel confident to make choices about money.

Or perhaps you simply feel it’s time to get financially literate because you want to live a richer, more intentional life.

No matter the reason you are here, I commend you for wanting to take better control of your finances.

I want you to know that it’s not how much money you earn, but how well you manage your money through financial knowledge and habits that will create wealth and financial freedom.

Secondly, I want you to know that moms have an incredible influence – more than fathers – on their children about money habits. You can give your children a head start by simply being a good role model and encouraging discussions about money!

It doesn’t matter where you’re at. Whether you’re in debt, feeling the squeeze, or just wanting to get lean to achieve your financial goals.

My goal is to inspire you to increase your money IQ and take action with your personal finances so you can live a smarter, richer life.

My Story

Money Smarts has Nothing to do with Academics or Intelligence.

Both my husband and I started off with good, stable jobs at a young age with employers who loved us. My husband quickly paid off his students loans, we had no debts, and we started regularly saving. Our future was looking bright.

Comfortable, we started family life...but over time, we slowly slipped into a habit of spending more than we earned. Like frogs slowly being boiled in hot water.

My world began to crumble when the global recession hit us hard in 2010. My husband went through two layoffs in one year. Something we never thought could happen to us.

It was the worst possible timing. I was on maternity leave with my second baby. Both of us were on employment insurance, with no emergency savings and relying on our line of credit. We were barely able to stay afloat.

My Finance and MBA degrees couldn't shield us from our string of poor money decisions and lack of discipline that led us to this point. It could all have been avoided. We weren't ignorant of money concepts - we just didn't take action to be good stewards of our money.

Success with Money Takes Financial Smarts and Good Habits.

Being successful with money means increasing your money IQ AND taking action through good financial habits. How much money you make or how smart you are doesn't matter if you don't know how to keep your money and grow it.

Money Habits are a Learned Behavior

You Learn From Your Parents and Your Kids Learn From You

Good financial habits are not easy to cultivate. Especially if you’ve been raised a certain way to have a certain attitude towards money.

My husband and I realized we both had different attitudes towards money because of what our parents role-modeled. This also impacted how we managed (or mis-managed) our money.

Understanding this helped us work together to come up with an effective plan for managing a household budget and planning for our future.

We realized how essential it is to actively teach your children about money from a young age, and to involve them in discussions about money. Their schools won't do it. So you need to.

My Hope For You

Today we are living a life stress-free from financial burden because of good financial habits. We are on the road to financial independence and we truly experience each day as a gift! If we could experience such a huge swing with our money - simply through good money management - you can too.

I want to encourage moms especially because you have such a wonderful opportunity to be a part of a financial revolution. To help your family live a richer life, and to shape and inspire the next generation to learn about basic finances so they can live richer, more purposeful lives. 

Get passionate about money matters and your future.

Warmly, Yvette Chau

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