Living Well Spending Less Book Review


Living Well Spending Less by Ruth Soukup is a delight to read with incredible insights into the root of financial behavior. 

I was expecting the usual personal finance topics: specific money management advice on saving and spending, etc. But Soukup surprised me by getting to the heart of money matters and highlighting the importance of values from which financial behavior ultimately flows. 

This is something that is greatly lacking in financial literacy. 

Your reason for being, beliefs and values, will help direct your financial behavior as well as other areas of your life. What might this mean for you? In terms of relationships, family, faith, or career? 

3 Secrets From Living Well Spending Less: 12 Secrets of the Good Life

To give you a glimpse of principles from the book, here are three of the twelve secrets to living well and spending less.

Secret #1: The Good Life is Not What We Think It Is

So often we think the “Good Life” is “one-upping” our neighbors or friends with better electronics, cars, professions or houses.

But the “Good Life” isn’t about having more stuff or trumping others with highly-paid careers. It’s about living well. 

To Soukup it is “a life rich in faith, family, friends, and creativity. It is a life full of the richness that God has to offer…”

What is the “Good Life” to you? 

Secret #2: Contentment is a Choice

Why do we get addicted to spending? Why is more never enough? Obviously, you can’t buy contentment. If you think you can, you need to ask yourself what it is you’re looking for.

The “why” of everything you do runs deep and gets expressed through behaviors. The next time you go shopping and have a desire to buy something you don’t really need, ask yourself why. Is it because of a feeling of inadequacy? Boredom?

It’s important to adopt a grateful (and gracious) attitude. Count your blessings every day. 

Secret #3: We All Have a Sweet Spot

Your sweet spot is your passion – the thing you love to do most of all that gets you excited each day or something you were born to do.

It literally could be anything at all. Speaking, leading, sports, crafts, building relationships with others, writing, business, etc.

If you don’t know what your sweet spot is yet, then “bloom where you are”. I love this phrase the author uses to encourage you to make the most of where you are in the situation you’re in, and to develop and grow in your present circumstance.

What is your sweet spot?

Why I Like Living Well Spending Less 

Quick read and enjoyable style. Ruth Soukup has such ease with words and bringing examples to life that anyone can relate to. She gets to the heart of the matter quickly and tackles issues we all struggle with in a down to earth, practical way.

Inspiring. The book reinvigorated my desire to seek out my own passions. Like that thing you always wanted to do, but never seem to have time for, whatever it may be in this phase of your life. 

Practical. The book is packed with many practical tips. For instance, avoid temptation. If you can’t resist buying something whenever you go to a particular department store, then simply avoid it.

Depth. In addition to Soukup's personal insights and experiences, her advice on money matters provides added depth as it is grounded in biblical wisdom and principles.

If you’re needing some direction in the why’s of becoming financially literate or even simply the why’s of your life, I highly recommend Living Well Spending Less. Hopefully, this will make financial goals easier and help them fall into place once you know what you are all about and what you want for your own life.

If you enjoy the book, Ruth Soukup, the author, also has a website by the same name at

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